own released games

Dashing Dodgems

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WHO, ME?: Modeling, Texturing, Scene Dressing, Level Design, Game Design, QA, Performance Optimization, Prototyping

Stay Safe: Labyrinth of the Mad

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HUH?: Pixelarting & Enhancing Illustrations, Environment Tilesets, Item Tilesets, Character Tilesets, Game Design, QA

old projects, jams & goofs

Rogues with Benefits

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THE THINGS?: Modeling most environment and props, Texturing, Scene Dressing, Level Design, Game Design, QA, Prototyping, Overseeing and maintaining Rogues Art style.

Rogues with Benefits won the Dutch Game Award for the Best Student Art Direction. As one of the main 3D Artist this was truly an Honor.

Deliver Us The Moon

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WAT?:  3D Artist/Tech Artist, Prototyping

VOOR?: Internship at KeokeN Interactive

Captain Capsize

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WHAT?: Initial Concept, Art Style, Modeling, Texturing, Design

FOR?: Ludum Dare Jam 40


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WAS?: Art StyleModeling, Texturing, Design

FÜR?: Ludum Dare Jam 43

Long Distance

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NANI?: Initial Concept, Modeling, Texturing, Design

HO?: Global Game Jam 2018

Rogues with Benefits 2D

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SHTO?: Environment Pixelart, Props Pixelart, Design

PACHIMU?: HKU Project ‘Here I am’ 2014

The Signs

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ME?: All models except torture room, Scene Dressing, Texturing

WHY?: HKU Project ‘Ride’ 2012

De Verloren Apenstad

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WAT?: 2D Art, Game Design, After Effects

VOOR?: GLU Project ‘Graduation’ 2012