about me

There’s really not much to tell honestly.

I’ve been a Gamer & Gaming enthusiast since ’95 and as expected this led me into game development! (GLU & HKU). I’ve always tried to play as many games and as many genres as I could in my halcyon days,

I’ve spent summers playing trough every free to play MMO, whole retro console libraries and having most consoles that came out to play their library to expand my knowledge (and because I love gaming maybe). One can learn only so much from books. I’m a firm believer hands on experience trumps every book on design, feel etc. but obvioulsy a good theoretical base is a must to learn and have obviously.  

At this point I’m one of the 3 co-founders of Yellowcake Games, a small indie game company ran by now 2 professional  idiots. (links to fun stuff below)

For me It all started when I got a NES for Christmas, this led me to a path of gaming and gaming culture that has deeply rooted itself to my core. I have a room dedicated to retro gaming and the stuff I grew up with.


⚠️⚠️⚠️Game Collecting Nerd Talk Warning⚠️⚠️⚠️

At some point around 2012 I felt the itch to collect and built op quite a nice PAL collection. I saw the retro market explode and stuff became way to overpriced to a point where I was done with EU/NA stuff. 

So I sold all my PAL-B NES/SNES stuff and went completely NTSC-J, which was a good move because those games were dirt cheap and a lot were in English anyway or did not need text to be fun.